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URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8

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URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel v1.8.8
- It’s a PHP script that allows your visitors to shorten their URLs, with a powerful administration panel which allows you to manage everything from searching for links to manage social networks settings The script offers a single URL shortening and Multi URLs shortening The single URL shortening comes with 3 options to set ( name, size and the owner) It offers 2 pages of Ads until showing the original URL, this feature will help you earn more money and all of that can be manage from the powerful Admin Panel 

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takiyagenji menjawab
3 Minggu
ori atau nulled bro?
zaki menjawab
3 Bulan

DEmo : http://abdulibrahim.com/short/

Admin panel http://abdulibrahim.com/short/admin

Login: admin

Password: 12345

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3 Bulan
Ada demo nya ga?